Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Author Interviews, Promos, & Some Help

As an author, interviewing is an important way for potential readers to get to know you and your books. I've interviewed 129 authors on Carpinello's Writing Pages since starting in October 2012. This year, however, brings changes to the number of author interviews I'll be presenting each month.

As in the past, I still co-host with the Kid Lit Blog Hop, but that Hop has experienced growing pains and has changed this year. Instead of happening twice a month, the Kid Lit Blog Hop will be monthly on the 3rd Wednesday. In light of that change, I am doing author interviews only once a month—for now—cutting down the number of authors I introduce my readers to from four to two.

However, I am still going to use the 1st Wednesday of each month for authors. If you are touring, have a book blast, a new release, or just need some help promoting yourself and your book(s), contact me to schedule (ccarpinello[at]mac[dot]com). Please don't wait until the last minute because my blog schedules are always booked 3-4 months out. And remember, appearances on my blog are FREE, as always. I only ask for help in promoting. I will not be reviewing books as my time is too limited.

And now,

I have a few events—tours & interviews—happening. I would be grateful if you would spread the word about these on your social networks.

My First Ever You Tube interview debuted this week on the Book Nerd Paradise channel. I read from Sons of the Sphinx and offer a riddle for you to solve. No fair looking at the comments for the answer!! A Giveaway is also open through Sunday, March 28.

My interview with The Author's Show about Sons of the Sphinx is now on my web site Beyond Today Educator

Tutankhamen Speaks is tour with two excellent companies in March. Book blasts, interviews, reviews, excerpts are requested. You may sign up here with Double Decker Books (Mar. 7-21) or here with My Family's Heart (Mar. 14-25). 

As a gentle reminder, I give you this 3-D printer copy of Tut's mummy:

In April, Young Knights of the Round Table: The King's Ransom is also touring with the same companies. Once again, book blasts, interviews, reviews, excerpts are requested. You may sign up here with My Family's Heart (April 4-22). The Double Decker Books tour is late April/early May (Apr. 18-May 2). That sign up is coming. I will update this with the link when it is available.

Thank you for all your support.

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