Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Meet MG Author Duo J.S. Jaeger

Parents to four wonderful children, Jerry and Stephanie Jaeger enjoy working together as J.S. Jaeger to write uplifting, entertaining stories. 

Jerry overcame bullying to earn his black belt in Kempo Karate. He served as a special agent for the FBI and currently works as a prosecutor. 

Stephanie ran her own accounting practice for several years before turning her focus to writing Scrolls of Zndaria with Jerry. 

Together, they are excited to bring readers of all ages into the magical world of Zndaria.

Denya’s excited to attend the Healing Hands Academy. It’s her chance to become a handmaiden, help others, and live a life of adventure.

But studying at the Academy isn’t everything she’d hoped. The headmistress and many of the students still look down on human handmaidens. It seems as quickly as she makes friends, she has to say goodbye. And just as she starts gaining acceptance, she puts the other students in danger.

Is Denya’s determination enough to see her through, or will she be sent home, back to the peasant life she’s trying to escape?
The second Short Scroll of Zndaria, Healing Hands parallels The Golden Wizard and allows readers to see the magical world of Zndaria through Denya’s eyes. Readers will be reunited with favorite characters from the main series as well as experience life in the Redwood Forest.
Buy this book today to get a glimpse into the world of Zndaria or delve deeper into the journey that began in The Golden Wizard!

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Harmonia grinned at them. “All of these herbs can heal the sick or injured, either on their own or as part of a mixture. Many are common plants while others are harder to find. Some, if handled incorrectly, can be fatal.” She motioned for the students to follow her. “To prevent any unnecessary accidents, I’ll teach you how to identify the deadliest herbs today.”
Denya’s concern changed to curiosity. She knew which dangerous plants to avoid back home in Burrowville, but she hadn’t realized some of them could heal.
In the rear of the greenhouse, Harmonia stopped at a dirt-covered table bearing three different plants. She pulled iron tongs from her pouch and clasped a long blade of grass from the first plant. “The goldenslasher grows wild in the desert. Notice it’s several times thicker than your typical grass and bulges in the center. It’s also sharp enough to slice through flesh.”

Pulling trimmers from her pouch, she cut off a tip about the size of Denya’s thumb. She switched the cutters for pinchers and pulled a golden fiber from the center of the freshly cut blade. “Tea made from this strand will settle the most nauseated stomach.”

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Meet MG Fiction Author Ann Swann

Ann has been a writer since junior high, but to pay the bills she has waited tables, delivered newspapers, cleaned other people's houses, taught school, and had a stint as a secretary in a rock-n-roll radio station. She also worked as a 911 operator and a police dispatcher. 

Her fiction began to win awards during her college days. Since then she's published several short stories, novels, and novellas. She’s always reading and always writing, but even if she never sold another story, Ann would not stop writing. For her it's a necessity, like breathing. Most of the time, it even keeps her sane.

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No matter who dares you, no matter what lures you, do not go in the spooky old house…

When a small planes crashes behind Jase's rural home, the ghost of the pilot begins to haunt him. Jase can't figure out what to do until the day he sees his classmate, Stevie-girl, enter the legendary haunted house. That's when he decides if anyone can help him solve the mystery, she's the one. 

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It was the late 60s. The Beatles had washed across America like a British tsunami, Vietnam was a grainy, green and black dose of unreality on the evening news, a bunch of hippies had taken over San Francisco, and there was a heck of a rainstorm pouring down on Woodstock. But I didn’t know all that then. I was a little bit lost, looking for something. I swear I didn’t go looking for a ghost…well, okay, maybe I did. But I didn’t expect to find one. Heck, I was just a kid. I didn’t expect much of anything.

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Friday, June 14, 2019

Meet YA Sci-Fi Author Christina Enquist

Christina Enquist is a YA author and aspiring bookstore owner. She lives with her boyfriend and several pets in Visalia, Ca.

Would you sacrifice your humanity to save mankind?

IT’S THE YEAR 2828, and Domus is the last remaining country. Divided into twelve walled cities known as genuses, Domus spans what’s known as the purist lands—lands unaffected by the genetic modifications that killed all other species of mammals. But outside the walls of each genus the Immundus threaten the welfare of those within. From a young age, all citizens of Domus are trained for combat against these intruders.

At sixteen, Nia Luna knows little of the Immundus, except for the citywide alarms that ring any time an Immundus nears the genus walls. What she does know is that her own species is dying—their numbers dwindling as a mysterious disease called allagine kills many before their eleventh birthday. The same disease that ravaged her family when it took her sister.

When Nia is recruited into Genesis, a research company pioneering the path to a cure, she knows that her dream to find a cure for allagine is finally within her grasp. But within weeks of starting at Genesis, Nia witnesses something she shouldn’t have—something that changes everything. As she sets down a dangerous path that uncovers national secrets, Nia will have to decide not only what kind of person she wants to be but also how far she’s willing to go to save humanity.


I walk down the expansive hallway. Most doors are closed, but the door to Calculus class is still open and Mrs. Wiler is at the front of the classroom teaching. I tiptoe through the door, hoping she won’t say anything, but the rickety-rackety-clackety of my shoes yanks my classmates’ attention toward me—eyes prickling my skin as I make my way to my seat. I plop myself down, the lumbar of the seat adjusts to my body, and the desk swings into position in front of me.
“Glad you could join us, Nia,” Mrs. Wiler says, her voice thick with sarcasm. Calculus is not my favorite topic. I think it’s because the teacher has had it in for me all year. I can get by, but only with Alex’s help. I’m so glad he’s in my class.
“Glad I could be here.” I give her a just-leave-me-alone smile. She doesn’t seem too enthused by my response, but it’s enough to appease her, so she continues her lesson.
Sabrina leans over the moment Mrs. Wiler turns away. “Great game last night.” Sabrina’s soft voice surfs the air like cumulus clouds on a calm day. She’s one of the brightest students in class, and I picture her on the Genus Council one day. She’s not a hologram either, which is nice. We attend classes with students in other genuses, though not in person. Instead, 4D holographic forms appear in their stead here, and I appear the same to them there. We can see, touch, hear, and smell the students even though they aren’t here. Still. You can tell
the difference.
“Thanks,” I say.
A hand touches my left shoulder from behind. “Alex wants you to check your messages,” whispers Robert, a hologram from Genus Amatista, which is on the other side of Domus and used to be called Canada. I open my messages on the screen on my desk—or dreen, as we like to call it—being watchful of the teacher. I’m greeted by Alex’s avatar holding balloons and throwing confetti that forms a message. It’s a group message to Eric, Casey, and I. In tall black serif letters it reads:
It was great being teammates. Let’s all go to the promotion party together
after apprenticeship selection.
“Alex, what would you say is the answer to this problem?” Mrs. Wiler inquires, pointing to the calculation on the media wall. I wonder if she knows Alex sent a message out—she’s freaky that way. Alex scribbles on his dreen, sending the equation and answer to the media wall for all to see. He figures out the problems in seconds, which is why I’m glad he’s in my class. Two thumbs up appear on my dreen from Casey and Eric. I add my own.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Meet Clean Romance Author Lauraine Henderson

Lauraine Henderson began writing as a child, poems and journaling, until babies, building houses, and bookkeeping jobs usurped her world. Now, well established in Oregon and with the children grown, she devotes her time to writing her favorite genre, clean romance. 

Years of life experience translate into plots, calamities, and happily-ever-afters as she writes her inspirational and romantic stories about fictional people who seem so real, you’ll want to know what happens after the book ends!

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Allison Lockwood and Gavin Hunt have been offered the chance to take over the Lazy Daisy Inn and Campground so their respective grandparents, the current owners, can retire and marry. It seems all too easy for Ally and Gavin to prove themselves during the six-month probationary period until they’re fighting disasters at the campground and failing at over-optimistic baking expectations.

As Ally and Gavin slowly explore their growing attraction, they help each other fight fires, endure raging storms, and share a few passionate kisses. But there’s more than fires to fight when Ally’s grandfather disapproves of their budding romance and Ally is convinced Gavin has a girlfriend in the wings…a girlfriend expecting his baby!

Ride along as the two unlikely innkeepers figure out how they fit in their new life and learn the lesson taught by the Daisies in the Driveway.

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Gavin opened the left door and allowed Ally to enter before him. She couldn’t help noticing that even though he’d dressed down in jeans, he still smelled intoxicating, like the buttoned-up lawyer she had met only a few weeks ago. The room looked strange and not at all like the fantastical space she remembered. The old, worn open beams of the stick-framed roof were the same grizzled brown, nails pinned haphazardly, reminiscent of artwork hanging on wire strung between them, and to the side, under the slant of the roof, sat a small twin-sized bed with the familiar faded floral quilt from her youth. An adequate chest of drawers guarded the new partition. Although small, the room gave every appearance of an old attic and certainly the space would be enough for the short amount of time she would need it. The only thing out of place was the half-window at the end of the unfinished wall. Ally laughed out loud at the sheetrock, nailed and taped, but not finished.

“Can I see your side?” she asked. She wanted to know if it was a mirror image of hers.
“Sure.” Gavin backed out of the room and opened his door, stepping aside once again for Ally to enter. Sure enough, his room was an exact duplicate in reverse, including the odd-looking half-window at the end of the new wall. Except his side didn’t even have the sheetrock; only wall studs with the back of her room’s sheetrock to separate the two spaces. His dresser was also standing against the partition, but a different style than hers, and his bed was covered in a faded quilt of the American flag. Altogether, the whole room appeared terribly small for someone of Gavin’s height.
Ally couldn’t help the spurt of laughter that jumped from her lips. “Privacy without secrets.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Like a shield. We can’t see each other, but we could speak in our normal voices and be heard.”

“I don’t have any secrets.”

Ally looked into Gavin’s intense gaze, burning into hers, and agreed. “Neither do I.”

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