Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review of 2011 Colorado Children's Book Award Nominee

Here is the fourth review of the 2011 Colorado Children's Book Award Nominees.

Sent by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Ages: 10 and up

I first mentioned Haddix’s new series Missing in my November 12, 2009 blog. Sent is the second book in this series.

This fantasy story opens by informing readers that Chip and Alex have been kidnapped from the past and brought into the present day. Hence the title of the series Missing. They travel back with modern day friends Jonah and Katherine to the fifteenth century to retake their place and fix this history.

The intriguing part of this series is that Chip is actually King Edward V of England and his younger brother Alex is Richard, the Duke of York. The complicated part of this is that Chip and Alex were murdered according to history!

For an entertaining read, I recommend starting your young reader with the first book in the series Found.

As always, Haddix gives readers a thrilling ride.