Monday, April 17, 2023

The Atlantean Horse Debut & Giveaway

It's been a long time since I've published a blog post. 2022 turned out to be a rough year, and 2023 didn't start easy. Now, though, I'm starting anew to bring you new authors, new books, and news about my writings.

Going to start off with my newest release even though it happened in late September 2022. The Atlantean Horse, book 1 of my new series Feathers of the Phoenix is the realization of my dream to incorporate the Ancient Worlds more into my writings. Since my college days and continuing into my 20+ years teaching high school English, I've loved the stories from the Ancient Worlds. To add my books to those magnificent stories is a joy. Remember you can always get autographed & personalized books direct from me by visiting my website:  or my personal Square store:

My first novel set in Ancient Egypt, Sons of the Sphinx, now becomes the prequel to Feathers of the Phoenix. Rosa, the main character from Sons, begged to be allowed to do more with her gift of hearing and talking with the dead. Her cousin Jerome joins her in this and subsequent adventures. If you're going to travel by time wrap into dangerous and deadly places, you don't want to go alone! Here's a teaser for The Atlantean Horse:

Steeped in Ancient Mystery & Prophecy.
 Hunted by 4 Deadly Biblical Horsemen.
 Rosa & Jerome embark upon a perilous quest
 and risk all find the 1st of 5 Phoenix Feathers.
 Do YOU dare to travel with them?

Here's the tentative list of the 5 books in the series. Some don't have a title yet:

Book 1 The Atlantean Horse
Book 2 Under the Norse Star (Setting: Saga Iceland early 800s; currently writing)
Book 3 In the Fires of Hephaestus (Setting: Pompeii 79 AD)
Book 4 No title; will deal with the Druids and ancient monuments in United Kingdom
Book 5 Festival of Poseidon (back to Ancient Egypt and Greece)

WOW’s Review Tour and Giveaway for The Atlantean Horse runs through April 27th. Stop by and enter to win an autographed and personalized PB book!