Thursday, April 10, 2014

We Love Tween/YA Books Spring Event

MuseItUp Publishing's 
We Love Tween/YA Books 
event has begun. 

Please join us and discover some terrific authors and their books. The cyber yummies have already begun and they are delicious. We'll be giving away coupon codes for free books, plus some really amazing specials to accumulate for your tween/young adult's summer reading.

 Lots of exciting eBooks from MuseItUp Young and MuseItUp Young Adult are on sale.   

Young Knights of the Round Table: The King's Ransom is joined by  

The Twelve Pillars Series by Chris Weigand,

                                       Elixir Bound by Katie Carroll,  

The Landfill by Kevin Hobson,

                                   Weaving Magic by Mindy Hardwick,

 and a host of other stories just waiting for you and your Tween/YA readers.


  1. Thanks for featuring ELIXIR BOUND! Great idea to do a blog post in conjunction with the event. I think I'll have to set up one on my blog for early next week.

  2. Lovely idea. Where's mine? The Unhewn Stone. :)
    Your books look beautiful, too. I've walked to the top of the Tor, the one one your 'On Eve of Legend' cover.

    1. Wendy, I loved your book!! I just picked at random. Thanks for the compliments. I hope one day to walk to the top of the Tor also. Maybe even this coming fall.