Thursday, June 13, 2019

Meet Clean Romance Author Lauraine Henderson

Lauraine Henderson began writing as a child, poems and journaling, until babies, building houses, and bookkeeping jobs usurped her world. Now, well established in Oregon and with the children grown, she devotes her time to writing her favorite genre, clean romance. 

Years of life experience translate into plots, calamities, and happily-ever-afters as she writes her inspirational and romantic stories about fictional people who seem so real, you’ll want to know what happens after the book ends!

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Allison Lockwood and Gavin Hunt have been offered the chance to take over the Lazy Daisy Inn and Campground so their respective grandparents, the current owners, can retire and marry. It seems all too easy for Ally and Gavin to prove themselves during the six-month probationary period until they’re fighting disasters at the campground and failing at over-optimistic baking expectations.

As Ally and Gavin slowly explore their growing attraction, they help each other fight fires, endure raging storms, and share a few passionate kisses. But there’s more than fires to fight when Ally’s grandfather disapproves of their budding romance and Ally is convinced Gavin has a girlfriend in the wings…a girlfriend expecting his baby!

Ride along as the two unlikely innkeepers figure out how they fit in their new life and learn the lesson taught by the Daisies in the Driveway.

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Gavin opened the left door and allowed Ally to enter before him. She couldn’t help noticing that even though he’d dressed down in jeans, he still smelled intoxicating, like the buttoned-up lawyer she had met only a few weeks ago. The room looked strange and not at all like the fantastical space she remembered. The old, worn open beams of the stick-framed roof were the same grizzled brown, nails pinned haphazardly, reminiscent of artwork hanging on wire strung between them, and to the side, under the slant of the roof, sat a small twin-sized bed with the familiar faded floral quilt from her youth. An adequate chest of drawers guarded the new partition. Although small, the room gave every appearance of an old attic and certainly the space would be enough for the short amount of time she would need it. The only thing out of place was the half-window at the end of the unfinished wall. Ally laughed out loud at the sheetrock, nailed and taped, but not finished.

“Can I see your side?” she asked. She wanted to know if it was a mirror image of hers.
“Sure.” Gavin backed out of the room and opened his door, stepping aside once again for Ally to enter. Sure enough, his room was an exact duplicate in reverse, including the odd-looking half-window at the end of the new wall. Except his side didn’t even have the sheetrock; only wall studs with the back of her room’s sheetrock to separate the two spaces. His dresser was also standing against the partition, but a different style than hers, and his bed was covered in a faded quilt of the American flag. Altogether, the whole room appeared terribly small for someone of Gavin’s height.
Ally couldn’t help the spurt of laughter that jumped from her lips. “Privacy without secrets.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Like a shield. We can’t see each other, but we could speak in our normal voices and be heard.”

“I don’t have any secrets.”

Ally looked into Gavin’s intense gaze, burning into hers, and agreed. “Neither do I.”

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