Friday, October 10, 2014

Sons of the Sphinx

It's release day for Sons of the Sphinx, and I couldn't be more excited!

I started writing this in May 2010, although the idea started growing back in May of 2008 when we spent three weeks visiting Egypt and it's ancient culture. Way back then, it seduced me and still calls to my soul. I will return someday to that ancient land.

Here are a couple of my favorite photos from that visit.


Sons of the Sphinx is already gathering excellent reviews from Readers' Favorite and Literary Classics, a Seal of Approval from the Literary Classics, and is a finalist in the 2014 Literary Classics Book Awards.

Enjoy this excerpt:

"'How do I even know that you're real and not just someone my crazy brain has made up?'

'Touch me, Roosa. You will see I'm real enough.'

Touch him? Is he as crazy as I am? Okay, so I'm going to touch him, just for my own peace of mind.

I reach out my hand, fingers extended, trying to reach him but not move from the wall. A crooked smile appears on his face. He takes a couple of steps forward, reaches out and touches me.

Lightning heat shoots out from him, races up my arm, switches direction and dives into my stomach. I snatch my hand back and grab my belly with both hands. The burning sensation knocks my knees out from under me. I slump to the floor, still leaning on the wall. The room spins, and my head swims. Tears mixed with stars blur my vision so there is no focusing. Not enough air in here; my chest tightens as if the lungs inside are ready to explode.

The burning sensation turns into a glow. My whole body's glowing! Blinking, I concentrate on the hand in front of me. Glowing, definitely glowing! Crazy. I have finally gone over the edge. I'm going crazy fast, and no one is home to save me.

Tut's eyes are a tangible weight as he stares at me. He stands there, not saying a word, his crooked smile replaced by tenderness, hope, concern? I rub my temples to ease the pounding pain that is suddenly present. Fear leaps through me like wildfire through dry grass. What is happening?

'I won't hurt you, Rosa.'

What? A girl's voice! I look around the room. No one else is here. I look at Tut; his eyes lock with mine. What is going on? I joke a lot about my gift being a curse, but this time I'm really afraid. Like the afraid of dying kind of fear."

I hope you travel with Rosa—my 15-year-old protagonist—back into that magical land as Rosa seeks to understand who she is and finds herself in a battle where failure could be death!

Where to Find Sons of the Sphinx:

Sons of the Sphinx is available as an eBook and in paperback (Barnes&Noble will stock paperback in a few days) from the following booksellers:



Reviews and recommendations are always welcome where you purchase the book and/or on Goodreads.

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