Monday, October 5, 2009

Book Fairs/Author Visits/Book Stores

It’s Fall and time to start thinking about books. (Do we ever not?)

With Xmas on the way, Fall is a good time to start stocking up for Xmas gifts, birthday gifts, and any day that calls for a personal gift. The best gift: a book. Here are 3 top book buying venues.

  1. One of the great bargains this time of year are the Scholastic Book Fairs at local elementary schools. Prices are usually 20% to 50% off. And the best part: a portion of all sales go back into the school. Librarians are happy to made recommendations if you’re not sure what to buy. Scholastic usually brings in a wide range of reading materials. If you don’t have elementary school age children, call your local elementary school and ask for information about their book fair. They always welcome community involvement.
  2. Another offering at elementary schools are local author visits. In addition to presenting a program about their writing and their works, authors come prepared to sell autographed copies of their books, usually at a lower rate that at book stores. Most authors also donate a portion of sales to the school library. Here again, call your local elementary school to ask about author visits.
  3. If you like autographed books, then watch the local paper or visit/call the bookstores in your area. Many offer signings by authors of all types of books. While there are no bargains here, you are able to meet the author and purchase an autographed copy. Bookstores tend to schedule authors more in the Fall in hopes of enticing buyers into the stores for the holiday season.
Books are always great personal gifts for any occasion.

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  1. I love having a son in first grade because he brings me home the Scholastic order forms. :]