Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Review of The Chronicles of Prydain

The Book of Three contains enough action and suspense coupled with Welsh legend and mythology to entice the most reluctant of readers.

Taran, the Assistant Pig-Keeper Caer Dallben, is learning to make horseshoes for horses Caer Dallben doesn’t have and watching after Hen Wen, a pig that can tell prophecies. What he wants is to be a hero like Prince Gwydion. Any chance he gets, he practices sword fighting.

When Hen Wen escapes on his watch, Taran goes out after the white pig sure he can catch her quickly. However, she has disappeared. To find her, Taran and the reader embark on a heroic adventure fraught with mysterious and dangerous elements and encounters with the evil Horned King and Taran’s hero Prince Gwydion.

Taran never feels like a hero on his quest. Instead, what he feels is his responsibility to recapture Hen Wen. What he ultimately discovers about himself and heroes will endear him to young readers.

Lloyd Alexander’s The Book of Three is the first of five books in The Chronicles of Prydain. Visit Alexander’s Author Page at Amazon.com to see his background and the complete selection of his books.

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