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Meet MG/YA Christian Author Christina Weigand

Carpinello's Writing Pages welcomes MG/YA Christina Weigand. She is a fellow MuseItUp Publishing author and writes the Palace of the Twelve Pillars series.

First, a bit about Christina:

Christina Weigand’s a writer, wife, and mother of three grown children and a teenage daughter. She is also Nana to three granddaughters. She lives with her husband and youngest daughter in Pennsylvania. Currently, she’s working on fantasy novels and inspirational writing. Through her writing, she strives to share the Word of God and help people to realize the love and mercy He has for everyone.

When she’s not writing, she’s lectors at her Church and volunteers to help young people develop a love for reading and writing. Jesus fills her home with love as she shares Him through her writing.

Why did you pick to write books for MG/YA?

I actually write both MG and YA. It’s just that my YA got written and published first. Through my writing I want to provide to middle-grade and YA readers a balanced reading palette. While they may be reading vampire books and the like, I also want them to see God’s side and to have a fuller, more well-balanced vision of what is out there, so they can make informed choices in their lives. After all they are the future.

What types of books do you like to read?

I read a lot of YA Fantasy, but I like most genres except erotica. Since I’m writing YA, MG and now I’m trying my hand at beginning chapter books for young readers, I have been reading in those categories. I also read books for adults. I enjoy inspirational fiction. Like I said, I can read just about anything.

When you are not writing, what do you like to do?

Read, travel, spend time attending my teen daughter’s activities. I like to do crafts although I haven’t done much as of late. Oh and I like to hug my three beautiful granddaughters whenever I get the chance.

Tell us about Sanctuary of Nine Dragons: Book Three and how the story came to be.

The obvious answer is that I had to finish the trilogy Palace of the Twelve Pillars. Beyond that, when I wrote what was supposed to be a stand-alone book entitled Aaron’s Revenge, I realized that there was a whole other story that needed and wanted to be told. Joachim and Brandan, Aaron’s father and uncle, made their presence known and hounded me until I told their story. And Aaron/Airyn got relegated to the third book, Sanctuary of Nine Dragons. I guess I really wanted to know what people and actions brought Aaron to the place he was in Aaron’s Revenge.

In Sanctuary of Nine Dragons, Joachim banishes Brandan to prison island of Hyogo. His infant son, Prince Airyn disappears from his cradle. A chain of events is set in motion that will pit brother against brother, friend against friend, parents against children as Brandan and Joachim struggle for control of their sanity and their very lives.

With Brandan declared dead and his son missing, Joachim sinks into despair and anger, where those close to him fear he may never return. Is Brandan really dead and if he is, who is manipulating the Mantion and enemies of Crato?

Can Maeve save her country and her husband from the tentacles of evil pervading the land?

Here's a peek at Sanctuary of Nine Dragons:

Joachim cringed as he thought about what he had to do. The council had decided. He didn’t agree completely, but in the end, Joachim knew it was the only way; something had to be done. Maybe Brandan would give him a reason not to send him away.

King Brandan stomped into the room. “Why, Brother, have you no throne prepared for your poor, missing brother? I’m hurt. I expected more from you and my sister-in-law. Maeve, dear, couldn’t you have helped him prepare better?” He stepped toward her, quickly grabbed her hand, and kissed it.

Joachim lunged at him, pushing him from the dais. Brandan staggered then regained his balance and gazed at his brother. “Why such violence, especially when I am so recently injured?”

Stepping off the dais, Joachim stood eye-to-eye with his brother. “Enough! You’re no more hurt than I am. And you have no business touching my wife, or sitting on Crato’s throne.”

Brandan laughed, pushed him aside, and stepped up to claim his throne. Joachim grabbed his twin's shoulder, spun him around, and punched him in the mouth.

Rubbing where Joa’s fist had landed, Brandan smirked. “Well, my brother has finally developed some stones.” He raised his other hand to hit Joachim.

Matthias stepped forward, sword in hand and grabbed his arm before he could hit Crato's king. He pulled the king’s brother away, so Joachim could reclaim his throne.

Jerking himself free, Brandan straightened his tunic. “This has been fun; but as you seem to be in no mood to visit, I shall take my leave. Come to me when you’re in a better frame of mind.”

“Stop! You are going nowhere until I say you can.”

Brandan stopped and looked at his brother. “What did you say to me? Is that how you talk to a fellow king and brother?”

“Yes, it is. As of this morning, you are no longer a king, and I’m not sure I should even call you brother.”

“Why dearest brother, whatever do you mean?” Brandan asked.

“Ever since we were boys, you have done everything you could to make trouble. I was always willing to forgive you and hoped you would change your evil ways. But no more! You have pushed me—pushed this country—too far this time,” Joa thundered at him.

Have you written other books? If so, tell us a bit about them.

Aaron’s Revenge is a story about a boy who thinks he is the son of a farm boy, and after being kidnapped by his unknown Uncle, Brandan comes to discover that he is a prince and wizard. I’d like to mention here that the total of Aaron’s Revenge is told in Sanctuary of Nine Dragons. I kind of look on Aaron’s Revenge as an excerpt from Sanctuary even though it was written first. The other two books in the trilogy, Palace of the Twelve Pillars: Book One and Palace of the Three Crosses: Book Two, tell the beginning of Joachim and Brandan’s story.

I also wrote a Bible study Women of the Bible: A Study. I chose 12 women from the Old and New Testament and explored their lives and what they can teach the 21st century woman.

What’s next for your writing? Are you working on a new story?

I have several projects in the works. My big one, my opus you could say, is another YA Christian Fantasy in which my dragons have come to Earth at the time of Christ’s ministry. In partnership with humans, they protect God’s people and spread the word of God while fighting the evils that we all face.

I recently started a Middle Grade novel that I am co-writing with my oldest granddaughter. It’s a fantasy involving princes, princesses, and all sorts of magical creatures. Two teen girls and their dragons travel into this fantasy world to lift a curse and save the world from an evil witch/queen. But like any good story, there are some interesting twists that keep the teens  on their toes.

I am also co-writing a beginning chapter book for younger readers with my daughter and granddaughter. This is another fantasy where two girls are drawn into a fantasy land where they have to learn to rely on each other and work together to save their dragons from a giant.

What advice do you have for other authors?

If writing is your passion, don’t let someone else convince you not to do it. Be true to yourself and what you love. Of course, the obvious, Read, Read and Read some more. Most of all Butt in Chair; Hands on Keyboard (or holding a pen/pencil). Just don’t ever give up.

Where can readers find you and your books?

MuseItUp Publishing Bookstore
Barnes & Noble Author Page
Amazon Author Page
Facebook Author Page
Wattpad Page


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