Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Author Promo Suggestions & The Kid Lit Blog Hop 64.

Promotion for authors today is more than a full-time job, and it can be time-consuming and overwhelming not to mention frustrating. I'd like to share some resources that I've used in the past few months that have helped to get my writing out there and even produced sales.

One element that must be present in all marketing endeavors is the author. Authors must be participants in all marketing programs, even the authors interviewed on Carpinello's Writing Pages. Those authors who promote and reply to comments on this blog have an exceptionally high viewership compared to those who sit back and don't participate.

When Sons of the Sphinx released in October 2014, I decided to explore marketing resources outside of ones I'd used for previous books. I did consider price, first and foremost, and then looked at what other authors in similar genres were using. I also explored companies that engaged me on Twitter and on Facebook. It is not possible to tie sales directly to any one marketing tool, but my sales using all of these resources has led to increased sales—in books I wasn't specifically promoting—and in the sale of classrooms sets of Sons of the Sphinx directly from Createspace.

Here are a list of the resources I've used in 2014/2015. Many are offering specials for the fall, so check out the website/FB page. These are just suggestions, not guarantees. Remember that marketing resources only work as hard as the author. Also, marketing is not done in a vacuum. It performs best when used with multiple avenues.

My Family's Heart - Sons of the Sphinx Book Tour.
Loving the Book Launch Party - Sons of the Sphinx Release FB Party; Back-to-School special.
Tweet Your Book - On Twitter @TweeetYourBook_ - Using for all of my books.
Double Decker Books - Sons of the Sphinx Book Blast/Review Tour.
Aroma's Authors - FB promotion site for all of my books.
Mother/Daughter Book Reviews - Always one of my favorites. Used multiple times.
Facebook Ads - Targeting the correct audience is essential here.

Once again, there is no guarantee of sales with the above marketing resources. I believe, though, that it is essential for writers to share what is working for them so other authors at least have a starting point. Authors need to determine what their marketing strategy is and do the research on promotional companies before signing. Also, the above companies are just some that I have used.

And Now,

Welcome to the 64th Kid Lit Blog Hop where we continue to develop a dynamic and engaged community of children's books bloggers, authors, publishers, and publicists.

On this Hop, Carpinello's Writing Pages interviews
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*** Please note that we will only be hosting 1 Kid Lit Blog Hop during the months of July and August. These will take place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (July 15 and August 19). We will be returning to our normal schedule (the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month) beginning in September.  The next Kid Lit Blog Hop will take place September 2.


Mother Daughter Book Reviews

Julie Grasso, Author/ Blogger

Cheryl Carpinello, Author / Blogger

Stacking Books


Music Teaching and Parenting

Pragmatic Mom

Reading Authors

The Logonauts

A Book Long Enough

Spark and Pook

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  1. Thanks for recommending some new options for marketing. I'll give some a go!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Fiona. Wishing you lots of success!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring My Family's Heart in your post - we have enjoyed working with you and look forward to working with you on your newest adventures with us :) - Tonya @ My Family's Heart

    1. You're very welcome. Looking forward to our next one.

  3. Yes, I've been watching all these interesting places you promote your books... which is why I've got a blog tour with My Family's Heart in September :D

    Thanks for telling us how you do it, Cheryl!

    1. Pretty sure you'll enjoy your tour, Jemima. I'll go by and sign up.

  4. Thanks for the promo tips - it's so hard and I find I can spend hours on social media and as well as the many distractions there's no guarantee that anyone will be tempted to buy my books. I had a recent cover reveal with My Family's Heart who were lovely to work with, and I'm having them for my first ever Blog Tour as soon as I have a release date. I've not tried FB advertising as I'm not convinced it's with the outlay in relation to sales, and I have a very limited budget. I host a lot of authors on my own blog and am really looking forward to my own virtual book tour.

    1. Hi. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. I enjoyed the blog tour with My Family's Heart. I looked for your blog, but couldn't find it. Leave your address here so I can visit.

  5. Thanks for hosting the blog hop. Will forward be sure to share your post.

  6. This is great Cheryl. Thank you for your insight. I now have more places to promote my books.