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Writing Tips and the 72nd Kid Lit Blog Hop

Carpinello's Writing Pages is back this Hop with more tips from the Children's, Middle Grade, and Young Adult writers I've interviewed. These are from April and May, 2015. Feel free to leave your own tip in the comments.

Learn your craft. Read in your genre...Shannon L. Brown, author of MG mystery The Feather Chase.

Listen to the feedback from others on how to improve your writing but don’t let anyone discourage you from following your dream to publish! Write what you love and never give up! This is a tough business and most of us are in it because we simply must write. Get involved in supportive writing communities; they are invaluable!...Dr. Tara Fairfield, YA author of When My Lion Calls, Book 1 of The River of Truth series.

I don’t feel qualified to advise anyone right now (see above!) except to say, “Make sure your current book is the very best you can do, with excellent plotting, characters, writing, editing, cover art, and blurbs. Then send it out with confidence and get on with the next one”...Gloria Repp, children's author of Pippin the Small, part of the Tales of Friendship Bog series.

There’s nothing wrong with “traditional” or “self” publishing paths. They’re just different. Do the research and find which one works best for you and your needs. Write because you love to do it. Publish because you want to share stories. Support others where and when you can...Julie Gilbert, YA author of Ashlynn's Dreams, one of the Devya's Children books.

At this point I’m mostly trying to get advice and don’t feel all that qualified to give it, but I guess I would say, just enjoy the writing process! Write because you love it and want to share it with others! That way you will be excited about each new project. If even one person out there reads your books and appreciates what you’ve done, it is worth it. Share your gift...Sharon Skretting, MG author of The Jewel of Peru from The Ultimate Treasure Quest.

And Now,

Welcome to the 72nd Kid Lit Blog Hop. This exciting Hop, now monthly, is where we develop an engaged group of people who love everything that has to do with children's literature.


On this Hop, Carpinello's Writing Pages interviews
MG fantasy author
Matthew David Brough


YA/New Adult author
Tricia Copeland

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