Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Writing Tips & the 84th Kid Lit Blog Hop

Carpinello's Writing Pages is back once again with writing tips from the authors interviewed. These interviews are from March and April 2016. As always, read and please leave a writing tip of your own in the comments.

Keep writing. Don't let setbacks discourage you. Go to conferences, take courses, join a critique group, and read, read, read—Darlene Foster, author of Amanda in Alberta-The Writing on the Stone

Don’t write to make a living. Write because you love it—Jessica Therrien, author of Children of the Gods series
Write what you’re passionate about. Dig down inside to find the emotion to put on the page. Don’t publish the story before it’s ready. Just because you can easily self-publish doesn’t mean the story should be quickly put out there before its polished. Get away from your writing regularly to refill the well with activities and experiences that inform and energize your stories. But most of all, don’t write/publish in a vacuum – join a supportive professional organization related to your genre/category of books to learn and grow as an authorBetty Bolte, author of Hometown Heroes

Keep writing! I find that if I take a break, it’s much harder to get back in the swing of things. Also, do your research about the publishing process to determine if you want to go the independent or traditional route. Whichever route you choose, be informedElizabeth Woodrum, author of The Maisy Files series.

And now,

Welcome back to another month of terrific children's literature on the May 2017 Kid Lit Blog Hop. 

On this Hop, Carpinello's Writing Pages interviews
MG Author
Gary Val Tenuta

This hop takes place every 3rd Wednesday of the month. It is designed to engage a  group of people who love everything that has to do with children's literature. Everyone is welcome to join us: bloggers, authors, publicist, and publishers!

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So for our hop, please make sure that your posts are related to Children’s literature only and add it to the linky. (Please make sure to add your direct post only) If you are an author, feel free just to link to your blog. Once you are done, then hop around to visit others. Please follow the co-host and visit at least the one or two people above your link. Please leave a comment when you do visit, we all like those.

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Thanks for sharing your great children's books with all of us! The hostess will be around to see you.
Happy Hopping!
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